NZ2020 National Exhibition

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NZ National Exhibition 19-21 March

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FIAP Grand Prix Club Display

Report of the Jury

The exhibition was planned as the 37th Asian International exhibition to be held under the patronage of FIAP. However, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, international Jury members and Commissioners were unable to travel. The decision was made to continue with NZ2020 as a national exhibition, with just the NZ competitive entries judged. This was very disappointing for the Organising Committee, as three year’s work had gone into preparation for the first international exhibition in New Zealand since 1990.

However, the literature exhibits had already arrived, so the decision was made to go ahead and judge the exhibits we could. The original group of literature judges was obviously not available, but we carried on with three New Zealand literature judges led by Robin Gwynn who is an FIP literature judge. Some exhibits were not able to be judged, primarily because they were written in languages the jurors were not familiar with. However, Tzu-Mu Lin’s fully bi-lingual book The Coiling Dragon 1897-1914 was awarded a special prize, and the Kiwi Catalogue and Handbook of NZ Revenue and Railway Stamps David Smitham (Ed) was awarded felicitations.

Many of the special prizes were to be brought by the commissioners and therefore did not arrive, but from the 46 philatelic or postcard exhibits and 36 literature entries, the Jury made four special awards.
The reduction of the exhibition from FIAP to national, meant that all exhibits were judged at the national level. This was disappointing for entrants who, for instance, had entered 5-frames and were hoping to qualify for 8-frames in future, but there was nothing we could do to help. All competitive exhibits present were qualified to be exhibited internationally, and therefore the level of awards is high with eight philatelic and two literature large gold medals, and 13 philatelic and two literature gold medals awarded.

Special mention needs to be made of Jenny Banfield, who managed to secure from NZ collectors, just over 180 frames of display material to fill the frames left vacant by China, Korea, Qatar and UAE. These displays were not judged, but there was some fantastic material on show, and the quality was consistently high.

Our thanks to the Organising Committee of NZ2020 on their efforts, and the arrangements made to provide support for the judging team.

My personal thanks to the six New Zealand jurors (five of whom were FIAP and/or FIP qualified) to complete the judging work expeditiously and harmoniously in difficult circumstances. The team was David Loe, Dr Ross Marshall, Dr Robin Gwynn, Norman Banfield, Tony Thackery, and secretary Jenny Long, with assistance from Geoff Kellow regarding electronic literature entries.

Special thanks to the Philatelists Association of Thailand who provided quality copies of the Thai exhibits which were not judged, but which helped support the exhibition. By way of thanks, the Organising Committee has agreed to provide commemorative medals to all the Thai exhibitors.

On behalf of the NZ2020 Jury.

Jeff Long, Jury Chairman
21 March 2020

Results List

EntrantTitle of Exhibit#Fr PtsAward FEL/SP

Class 2A Traditional – New Zealand and Australia

Beach, Tim1960 Pictorials (New Zealand) 885G
Chitty, LindsayThe New Zealand First Pictorial Issue 1898885G
Clifford, GrantThe New Zealand Chalon Issues 1855-1873591LG
Ellott, Gerald JamesNew Zealand – The First Issue – Chalon Portrait890LGSP
Fenwick, NeilNew Zealand First Pictorial Issue of 1898588G
Moller, KlausThe New Zealand Chalon Issues: 1855-1873585G
Simpson, JefferyThe New Zealand Magpie Moth 1970-73581LV
Willocks, MurrayThe 1960 Pictorial Issue of New Zealand576V

Class 2C Traditional – Rest of the World

Capill, PatriciaBarbados – George V Line Engraved Definitive Issues591LG

Class 3A Postal History – New Zealand and Australia

Comrie, MonicaCivil Censorship Process Australia WWII887G
Goose, JohnInk Jet Cancellations on NZ Mail 1993 – 1994582LV
Schluter, TonyNew Zealand Postal History to 1874 890LG

Class 3B Postal History – Asia

Chitty, LindsayPrisoner of War Correspondence, Japanese Occupation of the Far East, WWII 1942-45894LGSP
Chivers, StephenBurmese Postal Markings 1825-1902890LG

Class 3C Postal History – Rest of the World

Vernall, SueKenya, Uganda, Tanganyika Postal History 1933-1961886G
Wisbey, RaymondGreat Britain: Study of Letters To and From London 1459-1840886G

Class 5 Aerophilately

Ferguson, StevenEarly Airmail to New Zealand 578V

Class 9 Revenues

Hebberd, Ron & ShirleyAmerican Civil War Revenues 1862-1883587G
Woods, PaulNew Zealand Duty Stamps 1867 to 1879 590LG

Class 10 Open

Brownsey, PatrickThe Fern. From Cosmopolitan Plant to New Zealand Icon590LGSP
Christensen, MichaelTin Can Mail Island 577V
Jury, LenThe Dairy Industry577 V
Markham, KenNew Zealand – The Development of a Colony585G
McTaggart, PaulThe Victoria Cross – Supreme Valour586G
Paston, John WilliamThe Suez Canal8 83LV
Simmonds, SueIn Pursuit of the North Pole583LV

Class 11A Collectors aged 10 – 15 years

McTaggart, RoseBirds Around New Zealand – From the Coast to My Garden279V
McTaggart, RoseWinston Churchill Through the Decades178V
Rowe, EmmaDessert – A History of Temptation278V
Rowe, SamanthaChildren’s Literature – A History383LV

Class 11B Collectors aged 16 – 18 years

Brown, TimothySure and Stedfast, the Story of the Boys’ Brigade282LV

Class 11C Collectors aged 19 – 21 year

Rosenfeldt, AmyNew Zealand Rose Definitives379V
Wright, WarrickRevenue Gathering Stamps of New Zealand591G

Class 12A Literature – Philatelic books Pamphlets and studies (issued after 1 Jan 2015)

Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation (Chinese Taipei) Chinese-Taipei Philatelic Federation Journal 230 NJNil
Ho, Huei-Ching (Chinese Taipei)Seminars and Activities Proceedings (2019) Volume 280NJ Nil
Lin, Tzu-Mu (Chinese Taipei)The Coiling Dragon, 1897-1914094LGSP
Mah, Lang-Moe (Chinese Taipei)Collectors’ Philatelic Annual Report (2019) Vol 310NJNil
Yu, Tzau-Nien (Chinese Taipei)Postal History Research Volume 360NJNil
Deogawanka, Madhukar (India)Indian Stamp Booklets 081LV
Enosawa, Yuichi (Japan)How to Make Your Exhibit for JAPEX0NJNil
Shoda, Yukihiro (Japan)Gems on Paper0 NJNil
Korean Philatelic Society (Korea, Rep of)130 Years of Korean Postage Stamps0NJNil
Rhee, Kun Hoo (Korea, Rep of)The story of Nepal king’s stamp067S
Ashkanani, Hasan (Kuwait)Failaka Island in Post Cards071LS
Essa, Dashti Yahya (Kuwait)Universal Postal Union 1949 Stamps063SB
Hoy, NevilleFrom Pumice to Post: The Postal History of the Taupo Region068S
Jackson, AlanNew Zealand Postcards; Rates and Regulations to 19390NENil
Peace, BrianAustralasian Crash Mail and Mail from Other Incidents Vol 2 1931-1935091LG
Spence, Andrew PhilipThe Complete Guide to the 1880 Queen Victoria Longtype Postal Fiscals072 LS
Rupesinghe, Harsha Fariz (Sri Lanka)The Machine Postmarks of Sri Lanka083LV
Samaraweera, Anura (Sri Lanka)Muddara Wagathuga (Guide to Stamp Collecting)0NJNil
Prasad, Roshan (UAE)The Stamp Collector’s Dictionary0DNANil
Monk, Gordon (Australia)The Surface Printed KGV 1d Plate Proof Variety Catalogue071*LS
Rahman, Siddique Mahmudur (Bangladesh)Bangladesh First Day Cover Catalogue 1971-2019067*S

Class 12B Literature – Philatelic journals periodicals (issued after 1 Jan 2018)

Gendek, Marilyn (Australia)The Journal of the Cinderella Club of Australasia073LS
Philatelic Federation of Korea (Korea, Rep of)Philatelic Monthly “WOO-PYO” 20180NJ Nil
Kuwait Philatelic SocietyAl Posta0NJNil
Paston, John (Ed)The Gannet0 73LS

Class 12C Literature – Stamp catalogues (issued after 1 Jan 2018)

Japan Philatelic Society Foundation (Japan)Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalogue Vol.1, Vol.2 and Vol.30 NJNil
Dolphin, Andrew (Ed)Campbell Paterson New Zealand Specialised Catalogue085G
Holmes, David (Ed)Auckland City Stamps New Zealand 2020 Catalogue067S
Mironov, AndreyRoss Dependency Postage Stamps Illustrated Catalogue056B
Mowbray Collectables, David Smitham (Ed)Kiwi Catalogue and Handbook of New Zealand Revenue and Railway Stamps084LVFEL

Class 12D Literature – Electronic media

Finder, Robert (Australia)Korean Stamp Society Website077V
Gavin, James (Australia)Rhodesian Study Circle Website077V
Chen Yang (China)The Chinese Zodiac Stamp Network 053B
Christchurch (NZ) Philatelic SocietyRobin Startup’s “Postal History of World War One”074LS
Ellott, GeraldPostal History and Philately085GSP
King, Bruce (webmaster)New Zealand Postcard Society Website071LS
Murphy, – the website of IMPS, The International Moldovan Philatelic Society077 V

Class 13 One Frame

Gould, AndrewThe New Zealand Chalon Overlap Variety189GFEL
Gould, AndrewThe New Zealand Chalon Paper Fold Variety180LV
Stewart, GeorgeThe Humble Farthing – To What Purpose?174LS
Carswell, LindsayThe Postmarks of Lyttelton Harbour 1852-1882179V
Watson, AlastairPostcard Usage of ½d Mt Cook, 1900-1910178V
Tennant, DouglasNew Zealand 1934 7d Airmail – Overprint Types and Flaws182LV
Schwartz, PaulineAlexandra, Mary and Elizabeth – the 20th Century British Queen Consorts170LS

Class 14A Modern Philately – Traditional

Capill, ColinNew Zealand Post’s Courier Post – National Service578V
Dizon, Nilo JrThe Hologram in Philately 578V

Class 14B Modern Philately – Postal History

Rosenfeldt, DeniseNew Zealand Post Fast Post Service580LV

Class 15 Postcards 3 – 8 Frames

Schwartz, PaulineNew Zealand: “Central” – Otago’s Heart of Gold576V
Still, AnnA Postcard View of Early Nelson and District583LV
Vincent, BrianRugby – New Zealand’s National Game 586G
NJ Not judges – insufficient content in English language for the jury to assess.
NE Not eligible – insufficient change since first edition.
DNA Did not arrive.
* Transferred from Class 12C.

Replacement displays

The advent of the Coronavirus first imposed travel restrictions from Mainland China to New Zealand and this was followed later by restrictions on the Republic of Korea. Travel restrictions in their own countries also led to exhibits from Qatar and Kuwait unable to attend. This affected our philatelic friends from China, Korea, Qatar and Kuwait including Commissioners, Jurors and exhibitors. NZ2020 was faced with the prospect of having nearly 160 empty exhibit frames. It was agreed we should attempt to find replacement displays to fill what would be large gaps in our exhibits. With the enthusiastic efforts of Jenny Banfield and the willing support of many exhibitors around the country we provided the displays described below.

The organising committee thanks all involved in this effort.

Exhibitor Exhibit Title
Oxenham, Rick Motorcycle Courier Service – CAM 1 – USA
Oxenham, Rick Chile – The Airmails 1927-37
Banfield, Norman Russia – Airmail Services World War II
Watson, Bob Airmails from USA to New Zealand 1927-1946
Watson, Bob Letters from USA to New Zealand 19th Century
Ellott, Gerald HMS Beagle (Darwin)
Ellott, Gerald Big Tree Petrol Advertising Campaign 1925-29
Banfield, Jenny “I’m Not Square”
Banfield, Jenny Trinidad & Tobago 1937-1951
Thackery, Tony Celebrating the First Day of the 1d Universal Postage Rate 1 January 1901
Banfield, Norman Russia – Postal Censorship World War I
Long, Jeff New Zealand’s AR Service 1892-2009
Marshall, Ross Russian Mail via Austrian Galicia to General Postal Union 1875
Loe, David Iceland to the First World War
Vincent, Brian The Premiers/Prime Ministers of New Zealand
Vincent, Brian New Zealand’s Edible Marine Life
Wright, Grant New Zealand CALs
Burtt, Ian Channel Island Occupation – Red Cross Mail
Chivers, Stephen Leeward Islands Postal Stationery
Pauline Schwartz Portrait of the Artist
Warrick Wright The Revenues of New Zealand Air Travel
Violet Stewart Singer-Sewing Machine of Social Change
Gwynn, Robin Railway Disaster Mail
Scott, Barry World War I – War Tax
Isaac, Terry Newfoundland: First/Early Airmail Flights 1921-1947
Gibson, Bob Reducing Risks on Our Roads
Comrie, John Airlines of the World
Banfield, Norman Russia – Airmail Services
Ellott, Gerald Fanning Island
Rosenfeldt, Denise Steeped in a World of Tea
Chitty, Lindsay Maoritanga
Christensen, Michael Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, Aviator
Christensen, Michael New Zealand 1990 Exhibition
Banfield, Jenny History of & Advances Made in Medicine
Banfield, Jenny Taxed from the Cradle to the Grave
Claridge, Sue Egyptian Medical Revenues
Muller, Hadley Native Birds of New Zealand
Muller, Hadley Marine Food Web
Rosenfeldt, Amy A Guide to Cats
Gibson, Ciara Crown Jewels of the British Monarchy
Gibson, Ciara Christmas Customs
Gibson, Brianna A Parliament of Owls
Beach, Isabella The World’s Most Popular Sport – Football
McTaggart, Anna Wild to Working – A Dog’s Life
McTaggart, Anna A Study in Sherlock
McTaggart, Sharon A Bear Called Paddington
Stewart, George Extracts from a Frama Fanatic’s Diary – Zimbabwe
Burtt, Ian First United Kingdom Aerial Post
Chivers, Stephen New Zealand 1985-90 Janet Marshall Designed Endangered Bird Stamps
Banfield, Norman DFDS Passenger Ships before 1966
Gravestock, Leigh “Panpex ’77” Pan Pacific International Philatelic Exhibition
Chitty, Lindsay The Postal Use of the New Zealand ½d Newspaper Stamp
Marshall, Ross Transcontinental Flights Between Russia and Antarctica
Claridge, Sue Hospitals of New Zealand
Philatelic Foundation Pigeon Post
Banfield, Norman Australia – King George VI Postal Stationery
Price, Jan “All Fares Please” [Trams]
Banfield, Jenny New Zealand Medical Involvement in World War I

Photocopy displays

The Philatelic Association of Thailand (PAT) realised they might not be able to obtain visas for their Commissioners to enter New Zealand in time for the exhibition. They offered, and we were grateful to receive, photocopies of their exhibit. The photocopies were displayed at the national exhibition.

Exhibitor Exhibit Title
Eksombatchai, Prasatporn Siam: King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) 1883-1910
Krishnamara, Ayuth Thailand: King Chulalongkorn (1887-1910)
Leelaluckana, Panu Thailand: 1971-1972 Commemorative Issues
Saeng-Ngern, Somchai Thailand: King Bhumibol Definitive Issue (1947-1960)
Sirisuk, Phaophak Siam: King Chulalongkorn the Second Issue and Its Surcharges 1887-1909
Utensute, Ukris Thailand: King Bhumibol’s 3rd Definitive Issue
Chaikittiwanich, Promthep A Comprehensive Study of Postal Rates and Fees of Thailand in the First Two Decades After WWII (1946 – 1966)
Karnasuta, Charnchai Pan American Airways Trans-Pacific Service Airmail Rates from Thailand (1937-1941)
Karnasuta, Charnchai Siamese Post Offices During WW2 Era (1939-1946)
Sinchawla, Santpal The Development of Postal Markings Used in Burma 1825 to 1899
Sinchawla, Ashoo The Birth of Gems: Rough to Regal
Chundasuta, Chanya King Bhumibol: The Developer King
Eiabsangkee, Phumet Thailand Official Statistical Stamps
Roykaew, Prapapin Olympic Games
Chimsuwan, Nutthawut Selection of Thailand 8 or More Reasons for Non-delivery Hand Stamp
Chimsuwan, Nutthinee King Rama IX 10th Definitive Series 1 Baht Denomination
Jain, Pradip (India) England-India-Australia, Ross Smith and beyond
Jongjitklang, Bundit Thailand: A Study of King Rama IX 7th Definitive Issue

Invited displays

Invited displays were provided prior to the exhibition from New Zealand exhibitors who were on the jury or otherwise not able to participate in the competitive class.

Exhibitor Exhibit Title
David Loe The Postal History of the Allied Forces in Iceland in World War II
Jeff Long WT Wilson, Photographer and Postcard Publisher, Auckland, New Zealand
Jenny Long A Study of New Zealand Picture Postcards
Ross Marshall West Coast Coal Shipping
Jenny Banfield Anthropomorphic Cats

FIAP Grand PRIX Club display

Unfortunately, all but one of the FIAP Grand Prix Club displays were barred from entry.  The one on display had been carried to Auckland well before bans on travel were introduced.  We are grateful to David Lu the exhibitor and James Zhang for making this display available.

David Lu You China: 1945 Tien Tai Bisected Issue Used on a Wrapper