Trade information

Dealers and Postal Administrations are invited to apply for a stand at NZ2020 by filling out the TRADE STAND APPLICATION.  Dealers must be registered with their National Trade Association.

Trade stand application form

You are asked to make a choice of three (3) stands in your order of preference.  All applicants will receive an Email confirmation of the success of their application before this information is posted on the NZ2020 website.

Cost and payment schedule for stands

The cost of stands is indicated on the stand layout page attached.  New Zealand Goods & Services Tax (GST) will be added to the price of each stand (currently 15%).

Payment for your stand is to be made in the following instalments.

  1. A deposit of 60% + GST of your cheapest preferred stand is required with your application. The deposit from successful applicants is non-refundable.
  2. The balance of 40% + GST will be due on or before 20 February 2020.  If not paid within 28 days of due date your stand will be cancelled and reallocated.

Payment methods

NZ Dealers can make payments by cheque or by direct credit into the NZ2020 bank account.

Overseas Dealers and Postal Administrations can make payments by Credit Card or by International Money Transfer (IMT) to the NZ2020 bank account.  Please add NZ$25 to any IMT to cover New Zealand Bank Charges

Full details of the NZ2020 bank account are contained on the TRADE STAND APPLICATION.

Other cost conditions

If you wish to share a stand there is a 25% additional fee on top of the cost of a stand.

What you get

All the stands will have wall panels and come with tables, table cloths, chairs and your company sign.  Information on hiring additional furniture such as display cabinets, security cabinets will be sent to all confirmed stand holders when the supplier and costs are known.

Each stand will receive one (1) complementary Palmarès (Awards Dinner) Ticket.


There are two (2) hotels within walking distance of the Exhibition.  You are asked to indicate if you want accommodation details.  Depending on the numbers responding positively we will negotiate with the hotels to obtain a special rate which will be accessible through an exhibition booking number.

Other activities and services

Dinners, one for dealers and one for postal administrations, are planned for those interested Thursday or Friday night.

NZ2020 will be using a Customs Agent to facilitate trade entry and departure and the trade organiser will provide New Zealand Customs and GST requirements at a later date to those who successfully apply for stands.

Conclusion – book now!

Please book now to be in the Early Bird Booking Ballot.  If you need any further information or have queries please contact the trade organiser – David Holmes Phone +64 9 5220311

1 July 2019