Newmarket Room – Stand layout and prices

Current stand holder details can be found at
ground floor.


Stand Price NZ$ Stand holder
SOLD Stamps & Coins Business, New Zealand Post Ltd
1 SOLD Philasearch (Germany)
2 SOLD Christoph Gäertner (Germany)
3 SOLD Stanley Gibbons (UK)
4 SOLD Mowbray Collectables
5 SOLD Ian Perry Stamps (UK)
6 SOLD Yvert et Tellier (France)
7 SOLD Stamperijo (Lithuania)
8 SOLD John Eccles Stamps, Coins & Postcards
9 SOLD Japan Post Agency (Japan)
10 SOLD Pulsar Stamps & Collectables
11 SOLD John Mowbray International
12 SOLD Philatelic Distributors Ltd
13 SOLD Auckland City Stamps Ltd
14 SOLD Campbell Paterson
15 SOLD David Feldman (Switzerland)
17 SOLD HW Wood Australia Pty Ltd (Australia)
18 SOLD Abacus Auctions (Australia)
19 SOLD NZ Philatelic Brokers Ltd
20 SOLD D Morrison Ltd (UK)
21 SOLD Nustamps
22 SOLD Bill Barrell Ltd & Chris Rainey (UK)
23 SOLD Shields Stamps and Coins (Australia)
24 SOLD Spink & Son (UK)
25 SOLD Alan S Craig
26 SOLD Macau Post and Telecommunications Bureau (Macau)
27 SOLD Gary DuBro CompuStamp (USA)
28 SOLD Pittwater Philatelic Service (Australia)
29 SOLD Australia Post (Australia)
30 SOLD New Zealand Philatelic Federation (NZPF)
31 SOLD The Stamp Exchange
32 SOLD Australian Philatelic Federation (Australia)
33 SOLD Burstamp (Australia)
34 SOLD Zirinsky Stamps (USA)
35 SOLD Classic Stamps Ltd
36 SOLD William Carson
37 SOLD John & Jan Fitzpatrick
38 SOLD Ashford Stamps Ltd
39 SOLD Southern Colour Print

As at 5 October 2019.