Supporters and donors

People can provide their financial support for NZ2020 by providing donations or joining the patrons’ or supporters’ club.
Running an international exhibition is costly. One of the big issues is paying for deposits (such as for venue and accommodation) well in advance of money received from exhibitors, the trade and other sources.
Your contribution as donor of joining the Patron or Supporters’ Club can provide much needed cash at an early stage of planning for the exhibition.

For members of the Patrons’ or Supporters’ Club we intend providing product and services in return for your support. The full details are still to be developed and you will be kept informed as they eventuate. However, we do plan to provide:
• philatelic product unique to members;
• advance notice of any special product for general sale that is to be produced; and
• a special area at the exhibition (a quiet spot to contemplate the exhibition and have some refreshment).
We have two levels of support – Patron and Supporter. Patrons will receive a complementary ticket to attend the Awards Dinner and there will be other offers uniquely available to them.

You can make your donation or application for either the Patrons’ or Supporters’ Club by accessing the shop

NZ2020 would like to acknowledge the generous support of the following.


Dr Kazuyuki Inoue, Japan


Mr John Moore, Australia
Dr Kazuyuki Inoue, Japan


Mr Stephen Chivers