CountryExhibitorTitle of exhibitClassNo. of frames
VietnamThai, Tri TrongThe Eyes in the Dark Sea - Lighthouses7C5
VietnamVan, Thi LyPostal Administration - Formation and Development7C5
United Arab EmiratesAl Serkal, Ahmad Bin EisaAbu Dhabi Stamps 1963-19732B8
United Arab EmiratesAl Serkal, Nasser Bin AhmadDubai Stamps2B5
United Arab EmiratesAlmurr, Mohammed AhmedThe Cancellations and Postal History of Muscat 1830-19483B8
United Arab EmiratesJohansen, ThomasMuscat 1864-1948: The Development of the Indian Post Office in Eastern Arabia3B8
United Arab EmiratesKhoory, AbdullaDubai Postal History 1909-19483B8
United Arab EmiratesPrasad, RoshanThe Stamp Collector's Dictionary12A0
ThailandEksombatchai, PrasatpornSiam: King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) 1883 - 1910 2B8
ThailandKrishnamara, AyuthThailand: King Chulalongkorn (1887-1910)2B8
ThailandLeelaluckana, PanuThailand: 1971-1972 Commemorative Issues2B5
ThailandSaeng-Ngern, SomchaiThailand: King Bhumibol Definitive Issue (1947-1960)2B8
ThailandSirisuk, PhaophakSiam: King Chulalongkorn the Second Issue and Its Surcharges 1887-19092B5
ThailandUtensute, UkrisThailand: King Bhumibol’s 3rd definitive Issue2B5
ThailandChaikittiwanich, PromthepA Comprehensive Study of Postal Rates and Fees of Thailand in the First Two Decades After WWII (1946 - 1966)3B5
ThailandKarnasuta, CharnchaiPan American Airways Trans-Pacific Service Airmail Rates from Thailand (1937-1941)3B8
ThailandKarnasuta, CharnchaiSiamese Post Offices during WW2 era (1939-1946)3B5
ThailandSinchawla, SantpalThe Development of Postal Markings used in Burma 1825 to 18993B8
ThailandSinchawla, AshooThe Birth of Gems: Rough to Regal7A5
ThailandChundasuta, ChanyaKing Bhumibol: The Developer King11A3
ThailandEiabsangkee, PhumetThailand Official Statistical Stamps11A3
ThailandRoykaew, PrapapinOlympic Games11A3
ThailandChimsuwan, NutthawutSelection of Thailand 8 or More Reasons for Non-delivery Hand Stamp11B3
ThailandChimsuwan, NutthineeKing Rama IX 10th Definitive Series 1 Baht Denomination11B2
ThailandJongjitklang, BunditThailand: A Study of King Rama IX 7th Definitive Issue14A5
Sri LankaRupesinghe, Harsha FerizThe Internal Rate Post Card of Ceylon 1872-194845
Sri LankaWeerasinghe, Pasindu SakunthaExploration of Space11A1
Sri LankaGunaratne, Apurwa The Portrayal of Sri Lankan Cinematic Picture11B2
Sri LankaRupesinghe, Harsha FarizThe Machine Postmarks of Sri Lanka12A0
Sri LankaSamaraweera, AnuraMuddara Wagathuga (Guide to Stamp Collecting)12A0
Sri LankaRatnapala, RavindraCeylon in the Empire Air Mail Scheme13D1
Sri LankaRatnapala, RavindraIndo-Ceylon Special Air Mail Flight - December 193613D1
Sri LankaSamaraweera, AnuraColombo - A Walk About The Fort13J1
South AfricaFlanagan, PatrickThe British South Africa Company - Rhodesia 1913-1924 : George V Admiral Issue - the Bicolour Stamps and Their Usage2C8
South AfricaMatheson, IanEarly Village Postal Services in British Honduras3C5
South AfricaGreen, HowardSouth West African Revenues and Allied Tax Stamps98
South AfricaMatheson, IanRevenue Stamps of Cape of Good Hope 1864-189698
South AfricaDu Plessis, AndréGold in the Transvaal -1871 to 1922105
South AfricaFriend, FrancoisSucculents105
South AfricaBarit, AviBasutoland 1961 Decimal Overprints13A1
South AfricaBarit, AviGreat Britain Queen Elizabeth II Missing Queen's Heads13A1
South AfricaBarit, ChavahSwaziland 1961 Decimal Overprints13A1
South AfricaOrkin, GilaNamibia: The Overprints of the 2000's and Their Origin13A1
SingaporeTan, Boon Soon (Andrew)Australia's First King George VI Definitive Series - An Overview of its Commercial Usages2A5
SingaporeYau, Khai WengQueensland Classics2A8
SingaporeLoh, Kai YeongNepal - Pre Philatelic and Classic 2B5
SingaporeOng, HenryMalaya Postage Meter Stamps 1927-19422B8
SingaporeChong, Siow MinThe Progression of Postal Services in Singapore 1945-19653B8
SingaporeMohamad Idrus, Nur ÁzimahPastimes of Past and Present11A1
SingaporeToh, AdelineThe Bonds That Tie11A1
Saudi ArabiaAl Kahtani, MubarakSaudi Arabia: Jeddah Postal History 1916-19663B8
Saudi ArabiaAldrees, Saad MohammedSaudi Arabia Postal History 1857-19343B8
Saudi ArabiaAldrees, Saad MohammedSaudi Arabia Postal History 1934-19763B8
QatarAl-Ismail, HussainFirst Definitive Issue of Qatar2B5
QatarAl-Ismail, ShathaOman Postal History3B5
QatarSorour, YacoubAden Postal History 3B5
PakistanAwan, Imtiaz AhmadGreat Britain Penny Red 2C5
PakistanSyed, Nadeem AkhtarWorld War II (1939-1945) Censorship and the Mails of British India3B5
PakistanAhmad, GhiasPostal Stationery of Pakistan 1947-196045
PakistanBatool, SakinaRCD (Regional Co-operation for Development) a Treaty between Iran, Turkey and Pakistan11A3
PakistanMinto, Ashley ShakeelPersia (1881-1918)11B3
PakistanHussain, Syed ImtiazPakistan: 3rd Regular Series on Quaid-e-Azam 199813A1
PakistanMuhammad, TariqAfghanistan: Definitive Series October 1939-194713A1
New ZealandBeach, Tim1960 Pictorials (New Zealand)2A8
New ZealandChitty, LindsayThe New Zealand First Pictorial Issue 18982A8
New ZealandClifford, GrantThe New Zealand Chalon Issues 1855-18732A5
New ZealandEllott, Gerald JamesNew Zealand - The First Issue - Chalon Portrait2A8
New ZealandFenwick, NeilNew Zealand First Pictorial Issue of 18982A5
New ZealandMoller, KlausThe New Zealand Chalon Issues: 1855-18732A5
New ZealandSimpson, Jeffery RobertThe New Zealand Magpie Moth 1970-732A5
New ZealandWillocks, MurrayThe 1960 Pictorial Issue of New Zealand2A5
New ZealandCapill, PatriciaBarbados - George V Line Engraved Definitive Issues2C5
New ZealandComrie, MonicaCivil Censorship Process Australia WWII3A8
New ZealandGoose, JohnInk Jet Cancellations on NZ Mail 1993 - 19943A5
New ZealandSchluter, TonyNew Zealand Postal History to 18743A8
New ZealandChitty, LindsayPrisoner of War Correspondence, Japanese Occupation of the Far East, WWII 1942-453B8
New ZealandChivers, StephenBurmese Postal Markings 1825-19023B8
New ZealandSwanljung, Harry KristianDevelopment of Postal Services in the Northern and Eastern Divisions of Fiji in 1900 to 1960s3C5
New ZealandVernall, SueKenya, Uganda, Tanganyika Postal History 1933-19613C8
New ZealandWisbey, RaymondGreat Britain: Study of Letters To and From London 1459-18403C8
New ZealandFerguson, StevenEarly Airmail to New Zealand55
New ZealandHebberd, Ron & ShirleyAmerican Civil War Revenues 1862-188395
New ZealandWoods, Paul New Zealand Duty Stamps 1867 to 187995
New ZealandBrownsey, PatrickThe Fern. From Cosmopolitan Plant to New Zealand Icon105
New ZealandChristensen, MichaelTin Can Mail Island105
New ZealandJury, LenThe Dairy Industry105
New ZealandMarkham, KenNew Zealand - The Development of a Colony 105
New ZealandMcTaggart, PaulThe Victoria Cross - Supreme Valour105
New ZealandPaston, John WilliamThe Suez Canal108
New ZealandSimmonds, SueIn Pursuit of the North Pole105
New ZealandMcTaggart, RoseBirds Around New Zealand - From the Coast to My Garden11A2
New ZealandMcTaggart, RoseWinston Churchill Through the Decades11A1
New ZealandRowe, EmmaDessert - A History of Temptation11A3
New ZealandRowe, SamanthaChildren's Literature - A History11A3
New ZealandBrown, TimothySure and Stedfast, the Story of the Boys' Brigade11B2
New ZealandRosenfeldt, AmyNew Zealand Rose Definitives11C3
New ZealandWright, WarrickRevenue Gathering Stamps of New Zealand11C5
New ZealandHoy, NevilleFrom Pumice to Post: The Postal History of the Taupo Region12A0
New ZealandJackson, AlanNew Zealand Postcards; Rates and Regulations to 193912A0
New ZealandPeace, BrianAustralasian Crash Mail and Mail from Other Incidents Vol 2 1931-193512A0
New ZealandSpence, Andrew PhilipThe Complete Guide to the 1880 Queen Victoria Longtype Postal Fiscals12A0
New ZealandPaston, John William (Ed)The Gannet12B0
New ZealandDolphin, Andrew (Ed)Campbell Paterson New Zealand Specialised Catalogue12C0
New ZealandHolmes, David (Ed)Auckland City Stamps New Zealand 2020 Catalogue12C0
New ZealandMironov, AndreyRoss Dependency Postage Stamps Il lustrated Catalogue12C0
New ZealandMowbray Collectables, David Smitham (Ed)Kiwi Catalogue and Handbook of New Zealand Revenue and Railway Stamps12C0
New ZealandChristchurch (NZ) Philatelic SocietyRobin Startup's "Postal History of World War One"12D0
New ZealandEllott, GeraldPostal History and Philately12D0
New ZealandKing, Bruce (webmaster)New Zealand Postcard Society Website12D0
New ZealandMurphy, NiallMoldovastamps.org - the website of IMPS, The International Moldovan Philatelic Society12D0
New ZealandGould, AndrewThe New Zealand Chalon Overlap Variety13A1
New ZealandGould, AndrewThe New Zealand Chalon Paper Fold Variety13A1
New ZealandStewart, GeorgeThe Humble Farthing - To What Purpose?13A1
New ZealandCarswell, LindsayThe Postmarks of Lyttelton Harbour 1852-188213B1
New ZealandWatson, AlastairPostcard Usage of ½d Mt Cook, 1900-191013B1
New ZealandSchumann, StephenNew Zealand Prisoner of War Air Letter Cards 1941-194513C1
New ZealandSchumann, StephenNew Zealand Stamped to Order Envelopes13C1
New ZealandTennant, DouglasNew Zealand 1934 7d Airmail - Overprint Types and Flaws13D1
New ZealandSchwartz, PaulineAlexandra, Mary and Elizabeth - the 20th Century British Queen Consorts13I1
New ZealandCapill, ColinNew Zealand Post's Courier Post - National Service14A5
New ZealandDizon, Nilo JrThe Hologram in Philately14A5
New ZealandRosenfeldt, DeniseNew Zealand Post Fast Post Service14B5
New ZealandSchwartz, PaulineNew Zealand: "Central" - Otago's Heart of Gold155
New ZealandStill, AnnA Postcard View of Early Nelson and District155
New ZealandVincent, BrianRugby - New Zealand's National Game155
NepalTulsyan, BhavyaThe Classic Period of Nepal 1779-19302B5
NepalTulsyan, Rishi KumarThe Postal Stationery of Nepal 1887-195948
NepalReshu, ShresthaCricket11A3
NepalTulsyan, RajvirHimalayan Expedition 1924-197811C3
MalaysiaWang, WilliamThe Postal History of Labuan and North Borneo Before and Under the Chartered Borneo Company3B8
MalaysiaTan, StevenSmelling You Out - A Journey Through the World of Smell7A5
MalaysiaPow, Hui XinMalaya - Malaysia, 1957-1973: The National Stamp Issues11B3
MalaysiaSau, Johnson Chee MinLaos Surcharges Stamps 2014-201813A1
KuwaitAl-Saif, WaleedKuwait Post Office 1915-19582B8
KuwaitAbdul Mughni, KhaledKuwait Postal History - Indian Era 1896-19493B8
KuwaitAl Rais, AliKuwait Postal History 1878-19583B5
KuwaitAshkanani, HasanFailaka Island in Post Cards12A0
KuwaitEssa, Dashti YahyaUniversal Postal Union 1949 Stamps12A0
KuwaitKuwait Philatelic SocietyAl Posta12B0
KuwaitDashti, Essa YahyaKuwait Electronic Revenue Stamps13A1
KuwaitAbdul Mughni, KhaledKuwait 'Postage Due' and Connected Instructional Marking13B1
Korea, Rep ofKim, Young KilKorea: Postal History of Josun & Imperial Daehan (1884-1905)3B8
Korea, Rep ofKim, Jin SooClassification of Birds7A5
Korea, Rep ofKim, Jin SooThe Tiger7A5
Korea, Rep ofKim, Chang HwanThe Story of Chemistry7C5
Korea, Rep ofYoo, Yong SangThe Endless Challenges - Aircraft Story85
Korea, Rep ofHwang, Chae HyunThe Culture of the People11A3
Korea, Rep ofKorean Philatelic Society130 Years of Korean Postage Stamps12A0
Korea, Rep ofRhee, Kun HooThe story of Nepal king's stamp12A0
Korea, Rep ofPhilatelic Federation of KoreaPhilatelic Monthly "WOO-PYO" 201812B0
Korea, Rep ofAhn, Chong ManThe 2nd Granite Paper Series Stamps of Korea14A5
Korea, Rep ofMin, Kyoung OgDefinitive Stamps During the Basic Rate was 300 Won in Korea14A5
Korea, Rep ofKim, Jung SukKorean Postal History of the Period During Which the Domestic Rate was 190 Won.14B5
JapanInoue, KazuyukiJapan Definitives 1883-189218
JapanIshizawa, TsukasaRyukyu Air Mail Stamps 1950-602B5
JapanIwasaki, ZentaImperial Korea 1884-19052B5
JapanNiwa, AkioJapan Definitive Issues 1914-19252B8
JapanYoshida, TakashiJapan Definitives 1922-19372B8
JapanItabashi, YukiRomania "King Ferdinand I" Series 1920-19262C8
JapanKomiyama, SatoshiMails between Japan and USA Until 19413B5
JapanIto, FumihisaAustrian Inflation 1921-19253C5
JapanSudani, NobuhiroCommemorative Postal Cards of Japan45
JapanKanomi, SatokoThe Development Story of Floriculture 7A5
JapanEnosawa, YuichiFollowing the Tracks on City Roads …7C8
JapanInoue, KazuyukiTonga Tin Can Mail History 1882-1947108
JapanEnosawa, YuichiHow to Make Your Exhibit for JAPEX12A0
JapanShoda, YukihiroGems on Paper12A0
JapanJapan Philatelic Society FoundationJapanese Stamp Specialized Catalogue Vol.1, Vol.2 and Vol.312C0
IndonesiaAdinugroho, DanielQueen Wilhemina Type Kreisler and Konunenburg Series Netherlands East lndies Stamp 1932 - 19422B5
IndonesiaHarsono, SuwitoNetherlands East Indies: The Third Issue 1870-18902B8
IndonesiaRyantoriIndonesia 1945-1946, The War for Independence in Java2B5
IndonesiaRyantoriIndonesia 1945-1946, The War for Independence in Sumatra2B5
IndonesiaDharma, ArryNetherlands Indies Postal history of Incoming Mails 1849- 19413B8
IndonesiaZon, FadliThe Netherlands Indies Postal Cancellation 1789-19173B8
IndonesiaPutranto, Tono Dwi Netherlands Indies Postal Cards 1874-1932 King Willem III and Numeral Series48
IndonesiaTandra, LidyaPostal Cards of Dutch East Indies 1874-194945
IndonesiaHaldi, AwaluddinWe are Birds - Our Inspirations and Influences in Human Life7A5
IndonesiaAdinugroho, Catherine AlexandrinaPrincess Wilhelmina and Netherlands lndies stamps 1892 -190711A2
IndonesiaFadli, Zara SaladinaThe History of Aviation11A3
IndonesiaFirdausi Zahra, ErinaPostal Stationery of Dutch East Indies Face of King Willem III 1874 - 190011A3
IndonesiaRahima, Dinda AlishaThe Feathered Friends11A3
IndonesiaFadli, Shafa SabilaPostal Cards of Netherlands Indies 1874-193211C5
IndonesiaTampenawas, ChristopherStudy of The Postal Cancellations in Dutch East Indies During the Civil Administration period 1945-194911C5
IndonesiaRachmanto, BudiQueen Wilhelmina Jubileum Series - a Study of Netherlands Indies Stamps 192313A1
IndonesiaZon, FadliThe Netherlands East Indies Picture Postcard 155
IndiaRamachandran, MahalingamIndia: Kingdom of Cochin2B5
IndiaBhura, RajeshBearing Underpaid and Unpaid Postal Mails of India 1854-1947 and Dominion Period3B5
IndiaJhunJhunwala, RajeshGrowth of Inland Postal System in India, British Era (1854-1876)3B5
IndiaSaboo, Narendar KumarPortuguese India Postal Stationary45
IndiaJagati, Om PrakashLife With2out Me7A5
IndiaRath, Shanti SwaroopBeyond the Stripes7A5
IndiaRoutray, BijayshreeGlobal Warming7A5
IndiaThakre, Manohar RaoFishes-We may not be Knowing!7A5
IndiaThakre, Vindhya ManoharFishing - A Way of Life7A5
IndiaVijaykumar, SWater Birds7A5
IndiaAgarwal, AjayWorld War II - Blitz and Pieces7B5
IndiaMadiraju, Lokeswara RaoBuddhism7B5
IndiaMittal, Ajay KumarRevenues of Kishangarh95
IndiaSinha, AyushmanMy Favourite Bird: Kingfisher11A3
IndiaDeogawanka, MadhukarIndian Stamp Booklets12A0
IndiaJain, PradipEngland-India-Australia, Ross Smith and Beyond13D1
IndiaTyagi, PankajLucknow Close to My Heart155
Hong KongCheung, AndrewHong Kong Postage Dues - the De La Rue Printings 1923 - 19742B5
Hong KongKei, Kok YingThe International Airmails of PRC (1949 - 1956) 3B8
Hong KongMak, Kwok PuiChina Secret Postal Censorship (1926-1948)3B5
Hong KongMak, Kwok PuiChina: The Takeover and Resumption of Postal Service in Shanghai after WWII (Aug 15,1945 - Dec 31,1945) 3B5
Hong KongWong, Siu PoThe Development of Fukien Postal Services during Chinese Imperial and Republican Periods3B5
Hong KongLock, Siu FungUnder The Water11A3
Hong KongLock, Ying ToVariation of Trees11A3
Hong KongMak, Yee ChingThe R24 Definitive Stamps of PRC in 198811B4
Hong KongMak, Yee ChingThe Transcript Transferred by China Post (1928 - 1949)11B4
Hong KongWong, Jack RonaldThe Never Ending Mystery - Pi11B2
Chinese-TaipeiHo, MichaelDutch East Indies Queen Wilhelmina Kreisler Series 1933-19382B5
Chinese-TaipeiChiu, Shih-HsingChina: The Chinese Military Postal History During Second Sino-Japanese War3B5
Chinese-TaipeiChung, I ChuanChina: The Military Postal History of Sino-Japanese War 1937-194543B5
Chinese-TaipeiHo, MichaelKing Willem III Netherlands East Indies Postal Stationery 1874-190448
Chinese-TaipeiHuang, Chen-HueiPostal Stationery of German Post Office in China48
Chinese-TaipeiChen, HankLighthouse Postage Stamps Issued by Taiwan R O C11A3
Chinese-TaipeiShih, Miao-JenTaiwan 2018 Postal Cards and Envelopes11A3
Chinese-TaipeiYang, Zhe HoRocupex 2017 Taichung & R.O.C.-Thailand Stamp Exhibition Commemorative Domestic Registered Stamped Envelope11B2
Chinese-TaipeiLiu, Li-ChiTaiwan 2015 Postal Cards and Envelopes11C5
Chinese-TaipeiMah, SiriphatThe Postal History of Yunnan 1912-194911C4
Chinese-TaipeiChinese Taipei Philatelic FederationChinese-Taipei Philatelic Federation Journal 2312A0
Chinese-TaipeiHo, Huei-ChingSeminars and Activities Proceedings (2019) Volume 2812A0
Chinese-TaipeiLin, Tzu-MuThe Coiling Dragon, 1897-191412A0
Chinese-TaipeiMah, Lang-MoeCollectors' Philatelic Annual Report (2019) Vol 3112A0
Chinese-TaipeiYu, Tzau-NienPostal History Research Volume 3612A0
ChinaDing, JinsongThe 1897 Red Revenue Surcharges of China18
ChinaMa, XuedongThe International Air Postal Service of PRC (1950-1956) 3B5
ChinaXiao, HongThe Adjustment of Postal Service in China in Response to the WWI (1914-1922)3B5
ChinaZhang, JianChina's Cultural Revolution -Its Impact on China's Postal Services (1966.5 - 1976.10) 3B5
ChinaLi, HongPre - Stamp Period of Ecuador3C8
ChinaSun, ZhenjiaChina's Space Mail65
ChinaXu, ZhaobinThe Ocean7A5
ChinaLi, YongdaMaps - My Emerging, Developing and Roles 7B5
ChinaZhang, JieEmergency Rescue7B5
ChinaDu, GuopingExploration and Utilization of Atoms7C5
ChinaWang, DaoqiThe Republic of China Tobacco & Alcohol Revenue Stamps (1914-1949)95
ChinaYue, KuiThe Overview of Chinese Fiscal Stamps Used for Small Savings for Lumpsum Withdrawal with Prize (1951-1965)95
ChinaXu, ZhengWelcome to China for the Spring Festival11B3
ChinaPan, JunyiA Take All the Way - a Story That Relates the Silk Road11C5
ChinaTian, MaoshuaiEvolution History of Postal Rate in China11C4
ChinaChen Yang The Chinese Zodiac Stamp Network12D0
ChinaXu, ChangjiangDomestic Express Item of China Post (Nov. 10, 1987-June 30,1998)14B8
ChinaGuo, KangpingChinese Ancient Pagoda155
ChinaGuo, KeThe Fusion of Christian Culture in China (Picture Postcard Issued in 1902-1948)155
BruneiBerudin, BakarBrunei Definitive River View 1907-19512B5
BruneiAbdullah, HisyamDefinitive Issue of Brunei Stamps 1952-197111B3
BruneiAbdullah, HisyamSingapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines and Royal Brunei Airlines - The Jouney of Growth.11B3
BangladeshIslam, MD ZahidulDefinitive Stamps of Bangladesh 1973-19772B5
BangladeshIslam, MD SaifulFiscal Stamps and Stamp Paper used in Bengal c1800-188095
BangladeshSheikh, OwaisMezhdunarodnaya Kniga USSR Definitive Stamps of Bangladesh11A3
BangladeshZaman, Tahiya MehrimaWild Life of Bangladesh11A1
BangladeshRahman, Siddique MahmudurBangladesh First Day Cover Catalogue 1971-201912C0
AustraliaBoylan, RussellSt. Vincent. The De La Rue period.18
AustraliaClark, BillEmblems issue of Victoria 1857 to 18632A5
AustraliaLower, Harry South Australia's Small De La Rue Stamps, 1883 until Federation2A5
AustraliaSavins, Lionel HenryThe 1935 Pictorial Definitive Stamps of New Zealand2A8
AustraliaFladeby, JonIndian Princely State of Bundi2B5
AustraliaGosse, TomJapanese Occupation of British Territories of South East Asia During WWII 2B5
AustraliaHarvey, SarahHong Kong King George V Definitives 1912-37, including CHINA overprints2B5
AustraliaBarsdell, PaulBenin/Dahomey2C5
AustraliaGosse, TomNewfoundland KGVI-Long Coronation - May 12 1938 2C5
AustraliaLee, LindaAlgeria 1849 to About 1930 2C8
AustraliaBeston, BernieAvis De Reception: The AR System of the Australian Colonies and the Commonwealth of Australia 1891-19663A8
AustraliaCheung, AlbertPostal Routes for International Mail of China During the Sino-Japanese War of 1937-19453B5
AustraliaLing, ChungPostal History of British Borneo: War, Occupation, Liberation, Recovery 1940-19463B5
AustraliaDonaldson, WayneSweden & Great Britain: Mail Connections till UPU3C8
AustraliaWettenhall, JohnFive Hundred Years of Mail Disinfection3C5
AustraliaPauer, FrankAustralian Airletters and Aerogrammes 1944-196545
AustraliaCollyer, DavidYears of Change - International Airmail to & from Australia January 1939 to December 194558
AustraliaLewis, GeoffreyPhilippines International Airmail up to 194158
AustraliaMoore, JohnAirmail of Nyasaland 1931-196455
AustraliaGhazi, QayyumCanoe, The Amazing Prehistoric Watercraft of All Time7B5
AustraliaShaw, James (Jim)New Zealand Wages Tax 1931 - 1958 - Stamp issues and tax evolution97
AustraliaMoore, JohnCoconut - the Palm of Life105
AustraliaGendek, MarilynThe Journal of the Cinderella Club of Australasia12B0
AustraliaMonk, GordonThe Surface Printed KGV 1d Plate Proof Variety Catalogue12C0
AustraliaFinder, RobertKorean Stamp Society Website12D0
AustraliaGavin, JamesRhodesian Study Circle Website12D0
AustraliaCollyer, DavidThe Qantas Fleet Develops 1921-200013J1
AustraliaFigg, DavidThe Hoboken Docks Fire 190013J1
AustraliaChadderton, BruceWhakarewarewa - Living a Guided Life155
AustraliaFigg, DavidStrike a Light! Aspects of the Match Industry on Postcards158
AustraliaKouwen, MichaelThe Aboriginal People of Western Australia155