NZ2020 Organising Committee

Patron, NZ2020
Gerald has been, for nearly 60 years, a keen collector, exhibitor and researcher of classic issues and early postal history of New Zealand. Nationally he has been awarded four Grand Awards, and internationally has had two exhibits in the FIP Championship Class. In 1980 he became the first recipient of the FIP Medal for Research.

Gerald is the Patron of the Postal History Society of New Zealand and Chair of their Expert Committee. Previously President of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, he is a member of their Expert Committee with special authority on the Chalon issues.

Gerald is currently carrying out research on all postal matters relating to New Zealand pre-1874, and Royal Navy Concession Rate letters 1795 to 1911, world-wide, with emphasis on the Australasian Region.

While he still enjoys exhibiting, his main occupation is concentrating on research and probably more importantly recording the results into a permanent record much of which can be found at

Stephen Chivers
Chairman, Organising Committee
Commissioner General NZ2020

Stephen is an experienced exhibitor having achieved Gold at international level with his exhibit of the Postal History of Burma. He has many other exhibits covering postal history, traditional and postcards and is keen to expand his exhibiting experiences at all levels.

A qualified New Zealand national judge since 1988, Stephen is an FIP qualified judge. Stephen is currently the President of the New Zealand Philatelic Federation and has held executive officer positions in a number of societies within New Zealand. He has been involved within the committee of many of New Zealand’s National Exhibitions since Tarapex 1986 and was most recently Chairman, The Capital Stamp Show 2015.

David Loe
Vice-Chairman, Organising Committee member

David has regularly exhibited his traditional and postal history class material of Iceland both nationally and internationally.

He is both a national and FIP philatelic judge. He was Chairman of the Jury at the Capital Stamp Show 2015 and Royalpex 2017.

David is president of the Association of New Zealand Philatelic Judges.

Bob Gibson
Secretary, Organising Committee
Secretary General NZ2020

Bob has exhibited for many years, with varying degrees of success, with his thematic exhibit on Road Safety.

He is a qualified National Philatelic Judge. Bob is currently the secretary and webmaster of the New Zealand Philatelic Federation, positions he has held since 2007 and 1999 respectively. He is also secretary and newsletter editor of both the Wellington Philatelic Society and the Thematic Association of NZ. He has been a committee member of a number of NZ National Exhibitions including Welpex 2003 and was secretary of The Capital Stamp Show 2015.

Leigh Gravestock
Treasurer, Organising Committee
Treasurer NZ2020

Leigh is a relatively new Open Class exhibitor but aims to develop further if her other philatelic endeavours allow.

Leigh has been bin room manager or jury secretary for a number of New Zealand national exhibitions and has introduced many innovative processes into these tasks. Leigh was Chair of Huttpex 2007 and treasurer of the Capital Stamp Show 2015, both NZ National Exhibitions.  President of the Hutt Valley Philatelic Society, Leigh is also currently Treasurer of the New Zealand Philatelic Federation.

David Holmes
Organising Committee member
Trade Organiser NZ2020

David has been a professional stamp dealer since 1977. He is currently the co-owner of Auckland City Stamps and Campbell Paterson.

David has exhibited in the past but his main involvement with stamp exhibitions has been as the NZSDA representative, which role he is also fulfilling at NZ2020,  and stand holder at most of the recent National Exhibitions.

David, secretary of the Postal History Society of New Zealand (a position he has held since 1996) is also Patron of the Auckland Philatelic Society. He is the official representative of the New Zealand Stamp Dealers’ Association on the NZ2020 Committee and is the Exhibition’s Trade organiser.

Jeff Long, FRPSNZ
Organising Committee member
NZ2020 Jury President

Jeff has received several Gold medals for his exhibits at international exhibitions, his most recent being achieved in Postcards at Finlandia 2017. At national level there are few, if any, classes Jeff has not attempted but his more serious efforts have included Aerophilately, Postal History, Postcards, Thematics and Traditional.

Jeff is both a national and FIP philatelic judge and is a National Philatelic Literature Judge. He has been Chairman of the Jury at many National philatelic exhibitions his most recent being Timpex 2009, Christchurch 2012 and Christchurch 2016 and he Chaired the 14th NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition 2017. In these roles and at many other New Zealand exhibitions he has worked closely with the organising committee.

Jeff is past secretary and president of the New Zealand Philatelic Federation and has held many executive office positions in a number of New Zealand philatelic societies. He is currently Patron of the Christchurch Philatelic Society.

Sue Vernall
Organising Committee member NZ2020
NZ2020 Shop Manager

Sue exhibits internationally with her postal history exhibit of Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika and nationally in Open and Postcards. She is a qualified national philatelic and philatelic literature judge. Sue has been jury secretary at a number of national exhibitions, her most recent being at The Capital Stamp Show 2015.

For the Capital Stamp Show 2015 she was also on the organising committee.

Sue is the Editor of ‘Forum’, the journal of the Association of New Zealand Philatelic Judges, is treasurer for the Association and is their representative to the New Zealand Philatelic Federation.

Lindsay Chitty, FRPSNZ
Organising Committee member NZ2020

Lindsay is a frequent exhibitor at national and international levels regularly achieving Gold awards. He exhibits in Postal History, Traditional, Open and Postcards. He is a qualified national judge.

Lindsay was secretary of the organising committee for Royalpex 2017 and in that position he had a major part in the running of the show.

Lindsay is currently President of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand.

Tim Beach
Organising Committee member NZ2020
Hall manager

Tim has been a collector since the early 1980’s and has many collecting interests and is a member of many stamp clubs. He started exhibiting in the mid-1980s and, after completing his apprenticeship, became a national philatelic judge in 1998. A member of the Philatelic Youth Council of New Zealand since 1992 Tim has been Chair for the last six years. He is the organiser of the City of Sails Youth Club and is also a Northern Region Delegate to the New Zealand Philatelic Federation.

Tim has had involvement in countless exhibitions at local, regional, national and international levels and was Hall Manager at the last National Philatelic Exhibition held in Auckland in 2005. Tim also brings another element to the organising committee as a Health and Safety professional ensuring the exhibition will be staged with personal safety in mind.

Prakob Chirakiti
FIAP Co-ordinator NZ2020

Prakob has exhibited in Traditional and Postal History and achieved from Large Vermeil to Large Gold at national and international exhibitions. He is an accredited FIAP / FIP juror.

A member of the FIAP Executive Committee since 2010 Prakob is now its President. He was a Bureau member of the FIP Traditional Commission from 2012-2014 and has been a member of FIP Board of Directors since 2014.

Prakob has been involved in the organising committees of many of the Thailand nationals and international exhibitions.

Jenny Banfield, FRPSNZ
NZPF Co-ordinator NZ2020

Jenny has obtained Gold medals at International exhibitions with her Open and Postal History class exhibits, her most recent being a Large Gold at Finlandia 2017. She has also exhibited in Revenues, Postcards, Aerophilately and Maximaphily. Jenny is a qualified national judge and philatelic literature judge and Chaired the Jury at Upper Hutt 2013.

She is a past President of the New Zealand Philatelic Federation and is the Current Chairman of the FIP Maximaphily Commission.

Alan Hollows
NZ Post representative NZ2020

Alan began working for NZ Post early in 1977 and has spent the majority of his career in the stamps and collectables business.

He has been involved in the design, production and procurement of postage stamps, and has developed an extensive knowledge base of stamps and collectables. In his time he has designed multiple stamp issues, first day covers and date stamps, as well as managing the production of the annual album.
He has been the NZ Post representative on most recent National Stamp Exhibition organising committees.